Living Jesus

Jesus didn't send his disciples away to a theological institute to learn about God, he called them to walk along side him and he taught them as the issues of life arose.  At the end of Luke 9 Jesus set out towards Jerusalem and he teaches the disciples, as well as those traveling with him, about life and how to live it.  In this series we will walk with Jesus and learn what he has to say to us about life as he speaks into these situations. 

What Jesus stood for came out in what he did and the interactions he had with people along the way.  Through this series we will see how 'Living Jesus' permeates all we do. 

  Living Jesus  
11th November Jesus on Humility Brent McIntosh
18th November Jesus on the Future Stephen Veltman
25th November Jesus on Dependant Faith Brian Bonnar
2nd December    
9th December BalletPlus  
16th  December Christmas Service
23rd December