We are bombarded today with all sorts of messages about who we are and what it is that will enable us to find meaning and purpose in life. With all the advertising and the information explosion around us it is easy to miss the one voice that can lead us into real meaning and fulfilment in life.  That is of course the voice of Jesus and those of us who have listened to Him and followed the way He has shown us have come to experience that He is indeed the life He claimed to be. 

Our current series is therefore intended to focus on what Jesus had to say.  We cannot cover all He had to say but what we are planning is to consider what He had to say to us today through a few of the parables He told.

You will discover that God wants a relationship with you and that Jesus came to make a way for that to happen.  His offer is to change you from the inside out and to give you life that is truly life.  If you have any sense at all of something missing in your life then this is the series for you.  Do come along even if you do not normally attend a church - you are most welcome here.

  What did Jesus Say?  
13 August About Life David McMillan
20 August About Responding Brian Bonnar
27 August About Stuff David McMillan
3 September About the Heart of God Dean McDonnell
10 September About the Future David McMillan
17 September   Craig Barrow
24 September Good News Sunday
1 October Missions 1  
8 October Missions 2