About us - who we are




Welcome to the community of Matamata Bible Church

Matamata Bible Church is an evangelical group of Bible believers
We are community and youth focused with a genuine concern for world missions through financial or practical support including the following:
Mobile Missions Maintenance
Christian Camping New Zealand
and many missionary organisations

Our Vision - just two words

Living Jesus


Build mature obedient Christians

To support each other and teach the Bible in such a way that our church community grows under the conviction and power of the Holy Spirit.

Create a loving community

To live in such a way that all races, gender and social groups find acceptance and love.

Share the message of Christ

To communicate effectively the truth about Jesus Christ and the new life He offers to all who will believe firstly in Matamata and New Zealand and the world.

Core Values

Living as People on a Mission.  Matthew 28:19-20

We are sent people. We will go outside the church into our community. So we will continually ask ourselves: How can I care for the needs of others among the people I come in contact with? We commit ourselves to sharing our faith by coming alongside people where they are at and showing that Jesus loves them by loving support, both in practical care and in what we say.

Loving Community. John 13:34-35

A loving community is a place where everyone is accepted as they are. It is a place where we look for opportunities to serve others and not the other way round. It is a place where everyone is safe from any form of abuse. It is a place where everyone is welcome.

Multi-Generational, God-Centred Worship Service.  Psalm 96:8-9

We are committed to providing, as far as possible, opportunity for all age groups to experience meaningful worship services. Our focus for worship is the majesty and beauty of our God and Saviour.

Effective Small Groups.  Matthew 25:31-46

We are committed to working together in small groups to both support each other and to become an effective force in meeting the needs of the community around us so that the love of Jesus Christ is demonstrated in practical ways.

Truth that Changes Lives.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

We believe that the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to transform lives not merely fill us with information. We value the plain-spoken, culturally appropriate explanation of God's word so that we are equipped for living.

Prayerful Dependence.  James 4:13-16

We recognise that apart from God we can do nothing. We have been called to move out of our comfort zone to further God's mission and we recognise that we are dependent on Him for both specific direction and enablement to do this. So we are committed to prayer seeking God's perspective in all we do so that He is at the centre, and is the focus, of all we do.

Strong Families.  Ephesians 5:21-6:4

We are committed to building strong family relationships. This means supporting men to become better husbands and fathers, women to be better wives and mothers, and children to respect their parents and brothers and sisters. The importance of children will be reflected by an emphasis on youth ministry, with people of all ages contributing to this.

Humble Servanthood.  Mark 10:42-45

We are committed to serving each other - to seeing a need and meeting it. Leadership of others will be underneath supporting and not over above controlling.

Shared Ministry.  1 Peter 4:10

We believe God has gifted each and every believer to be able to contribute to a ministry to others in the church. We will encourage and embrace the contribution of every member.

Lead Teams

A number of teams are involved in ministries in the church and are supported by both an Elders Team and a Ministry Development Team.

Elders and their Wives

Bryce & Christine Anderton
Andrew & Karen Lind
Dean & Anita McDonnell
Brent & Heather McIntosh
Ross & Shona Wellington

Ministry Development

Caroline Baker
Ross Bay
Ruth Harkness
Jane Hoebers
Andrew Lind
Wade Linnell
Ross Wellington


A number of people are involved in a variety of the tasks that need to be fulfilled at Matamata Bible Church however the following people may be readily contacted along with members of the Elders and Ministry Development teams who are also listed on this web page.

Caroline Baker

Hi, my name is Caroline Baker and I am the Church Administrator at MBC. I am married to John Simpson and we have 2 teenagers: Joshua and Daniel. I believe our whole life is a journey and we get to walk every step with Jesus if we chose to. We all also have seasons in life and I believe my calling at the moment is to serve at MBC. Living and breathing Jesus is my reason to exist every day and the more I can share this with everyone that I meet the more they can experience Jesus’s love too. Serving at MBC gives me an amazing opportunity to do this, whilst also carrying out the fundamental functions of the church. My role at MBC is highly diverse and covers everything from financial accounts and administration, through to church hireage, H&S and facilities management. So if you need anything at MBC then call in and see me and I will help in whatever way I can!

Ross & Shona Wellington

Hi, my name is Ross Wellington and I am married to Shona. We have 4 adult children: Kayla, Shelby, Ethan, and Rebekah and we are all active members of Matamata Bible Church. Shona and I have both been involved at MBC from a young age and have valued the love, support, and encouragement that church family members have given us over the years. Now it is our turn to give back! 

I have the privilege of being the church pastor and I am available to talk and pray with you at any time. Life is tough and we would love to help in any way possible to meet the needs of anyone who is out there. We would also love the opportunity to help you find or deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ. Shona and I are both very passionate about being available for people from all walks of life. My wife Shona is also a qualified councillor and would be happy to help if needed. So please feel free to pop in and see me and have a chat at your convenience.